Police Officers that make us distrust LEOs

My wife came across this article.  She forwarded it to me.  I’ll forewarn you that this will be one of the most disgusting things you’ve ever read. Frankly, this article epitomizes the reason why many of us “citizens” do not trust or like LEOs.

There are some great officers, serving and protecting society.  [If you’re one of them. Thank you! You are greatly appreciated for all your hard work and risk of life and limb. Thank you! You are the one’s that keep us from writing off men with badges.   If not for those of you that server and protect, and uphold while not abusing your authority – we’d have no faith left in law enforcement. But there are an equal number of scumbadges (scumbags with a badge).  They’re dishonest, they’re on the take, they’re on power trips with egos run amok.  They are little more than high school bullies in uniforms.

The following article details a horrendous event. The incident involves a man breaking into a home. A father hurries his family out, grabs his gun, and goes to protect his son who is upstairs. He detains the criminal at gun point and calls 911. The police arrive and are informed of the situation by the man’s wife.

A police officer enters the home and immediately shoots the homeowner six times. And then numerous attempts by the police to cover-up the infraction. One that would have likely been glossed over and covered up except for two facts.  One that the homeowner was on the phone with 911 and everything was recorded. Two, that the homeowner lived to sue.

Several insidious deeds transpired on the part of the officer:

  • Failure to announce presence, or issue any command or verbal warning.
  • Lying, when speaking with Internal Affairs, Officer Lily claims the homeowner pointed a firearm at him.  However, the 911 recording bore a much different statement on the part of Mr. Lily.
  • Sgt. on scene promises to have Officer Lily’s “back” on the matter.
  • Anthony, the home owner, requests that his shot-up body not be shown to his wife and children.  Instead, the officers drag him outside by his leg.
  • The police treated the incident as if Athony was a criminal, denying friends and family information about Anthony’s well being,  and refusing Athony’s family access to him in the hospital. (Frankly, if Anthony’s wife Lesley determined herself to visit her husband, even at the well being of the officers – I’d consider her justified.)
  • Per the Simple Justice Blog, it is stated that they also tried to pin out-of-state warrants on Anthony, and coax the gun dealer who sold Anthony his firearm to state the firearm was illegal.
  • Furthermore, the police almost let the criminal walk due to a failure to conduct a proper investigation.

In all likelihood, the police department will state that they did an internal investigation and concluded that the officers acted accordingly.  Hogwash (to use a polite term).

Now,  I understand in the fog of war – SHT happens.  American soldiers have long suffered friendly fire, and casualties at the hands of friendly fire.  However, upon reading the filed document and the quotes from the 911 tape.  It is my opinion that the officers involved should face significant jail time.  They neglected standard operating procedures that resulted in the near death and crippling of a citizen. But they also showed blatant disregard to that citizen’s rights, and well-being – engaging in activities that could have furthered Athony’s wounds.  Based on the actions of the officers one could make a good case for the assumption that they were seeking Athony’s death. The homeowner lived, no thanks to the officers.

All I can say is reading this document makes my blood boil. And frankly, if it was my wife who was in the hospital under such auspices, no one would stop me from visiting her. Badge or no badge.

If you think my views are out of line. Read the following court filing document. If you are not left outraged.  Than you must be a LEO more concerned with covering your fellow badges butt than serving and protecting the citizens you took an oath for.


PS – Yes, the Phoenix “Use of Force” review board cleared the officers.  Can I make a suggestion to municipalities.  Do yourself a favor and save some money, disband these silly “boards”.   Having read a number of similar incidents, there is only one thing they all share in common, the review board always comes out in favor of the officers.   In fact, I’ve never seen them come out with any other answer in these situations.  Their value and trustworthiness in the eyes of the citizenry is nill. I’d trust a heroine addict with a bag more than I trust these so-called review boards.

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  1. Now let’s imagine how things would have played out in slightly different scenarios:

    1. Homeowner shoots perp six times in the back. The homeowner wouldn’t have the benefit of his HOA Use of Force Board clearing him. No, he’d be in jail for shooting a guy that was running away, which would be the story the prosecutor would give to the jury.

    2. Homeowner shoots perp six times in the chest. Again, the homeowner would be in jail for using excessive force as six shots would be considered by many prosecutors to be 5 shots too many.

    3. Homeowner shoots perp once in the chest with a .45. Again, the homeowner would be in jail for using excessive force, as anything more than .22LR are manhunter rounds.

  2. Scary isn’t it, even worse it appears we are heading to more of a Police-State, as each day goes by. 😦

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