Meleanie Hain

A year ago Meleanie Hain made some waves in Pennsylvania by open-carrying at her kids soccer game.  She was stopped by an officer and had her carry permit revoked, which was later restored.

A week ago she was murdered in her home by her husband.  The web has been abuz with discussions, debates on open-carry, but mostly a solemn grieving for a loss of life.

I do not think there are any words more sad that a child can say than these three words.

“Daddy shot mommy!”

While I’ve been aware of the situation for several days now. I haven’t really known what to say.  A few good points have been made by others.

1. Firearms are not a “magic amulet”.  They do not stop bullets. They do not make you invincible.  They may even up the odds. And they are a tool in the hands of a sharpened and trained mind.  But that is all.

2. This was a case of domestic violence perpetrated by an “peace officer” upon his wife.  Many advocate that only the military and law enforcement should possess firearms.  Even such stringent gun control measures would not have prevented this tragedy.

A lot of people came down on Meleanie Hain for Open-Carry. Saying it’d have been smarter to CC than to create the media hub-bub she did in the park.  But none of us really knew her personal situation. And in hindsight, maybe it was smarter to OC that day.  CC is often considered provide a tactical advantage – in that your opponent is unaware that you are armed. However, what if your most likely opponent is NOT some street urchin but rather someone who knows you closely. Who also knows that you are armed. Who is also trained in firearms as an officer. In such case, open carry may be the more prudent choice.

Open carry provides a number of deterrents in such a situation. One, it is faster to draw. Second, it makes the clear statement that you are in possession at that moment.

Now I do not know if these factors came into Meleanie Hain’s decision to carry openly that day.  More than likely, she was simply being an activist for her rights as she saw fit. But they are factors to be aware of.

Lastly, I’ve heard many advocate “if you carry, always carry – even in your home”. It’s something I am trying to do. I must confess, that towards the evening when I trade my day clothes for evening wear I often set my sidearm aside. There have been a few occasions where we’ve heard an odd sound and it’s led me to rush upstairs, insert mag, and “be ready”. Now it was merely a chair falling in the garange. But such events have forced me to ponder… “Would it not be better to have it right on my side?”

Meleanie Hain faced a determined killer with professional training and intimate familiarity of her surroundings. Even if she were armed, it’d probably not have been enough to stop her husband’s attack. Once again a firearm is merely a tool for a sharpened mind to leverage in evening up the odds against an assailant. It’s not a perfect solution.  Meleanie needed to get out of a bad situation sooner than she did. But it’s easy for one to speak in hindsight.

Right now what is needed are prayers. Children lost their entire world that day. They lost both their mommy and daddy.  Others lost a dear friend.  Such events are gouge deep scars into the soul.

A memorial fundraiser shoot will be held on November 1st. More information can be found here.


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  1. She was a friend, I miss her

  2. It’s a pretty sad story, but what is worse is how the anti-gunners are handling this, they are rejoicing.

    I ran across this article, and I found the comments to be rather disgusting.

  3. @tommycrowwithwhitefeathers


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