Knives have rights too!

Snowflakes In Hell shared that Senate Amendment 1447: To clarify the definition of switchblade knives, which is designed to protect folding blade knives.

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This is a pet peeve of mine. The 2nd Amendment protects the “right to keep and bear arms”, it does not exclusively protect the “right to keep and bear firearms”.  Knives, swords, pikes and axes are likewise protected.  Perhaps it’s the “rennie” (Renaissance Faireregular) and have a pension for swords, axes, and other sharp point impaling weapons.

Gunnies need to be reminded that there is power in numbers.  And that we must support the right to all forms of arms, not just gunpowder based.  (NOTE – Arms to me denote personal weapons as opposed to squad or crew based weapons more commonly considered “artillery”.)

And while Pennsylvania has very good firearm laws, it sadly is lacking when it comes to non-firearm weapons.  My LTCF (Pennsylvania’s term for CCW permit) is merely a license to carry firearm. Were I to carry a concealed sword (such as one in a cane) or a bowie in the boot I could easily find myself brought up on weapon possession charges.  I do not know why Pennsylvania trusts it’s citizens with a firearm but not with a sword.


If we’re not careful, we’ll find ourselves in a situation similar to Great Britain in a few years. Where knives will be banned.

We are getting close. Zero tolerance, zero common sense policies in schools are leading to our children being punished unjustly.

Recent cases in the news involve:

  • Eagle Scout in article above.
  • 6 yr old Cub Scout sent to reform school over one of those folding camping utensil tools (fork, butterknife, spoon).
  • Third-grade girl expelled for a year because her grandmother had sent a birthday cake to school, along with a knife to cut it. The teacher called the principal — but not before using the knife to cut and serve the cake.

Where is the common sense?

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