Glock (im)perfection!

Glock – say anything against them and you’ve got instant debate “just add internet water”.

The truth is that Glocks are excellent firearms with an excellent reputation for reliability, accuracy, and maintenance.  But the reality is that they are not perfect for everyone. I personally find many of the larger Glocks to be uncomfortable. The G17 is decently comfortable for me but many of the rest are not. I have short stubby fingers.  I’ve also known people who get nipped by the slide on Glocks because of the short dove tail.

Many have commented that Glock has been falling behind the times compared to the feature sets of other firearms. The solid reliability of the Glock design has kept it a strong seller. But there has been a noticeable trend of many police departments migrating to S&W M&P’s.  Glock’s traditional bread and butter.

There has been much hypothesizing that Glock would eventually have to improve their “perfection”.  It appears that 2010 will be when we see such (im)perfections. This does create some confusion as Glock released an update earlier this year. So was that generation 3.5?


H/T to Blue Sheepdog

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  1. That’s odd. It seems like that might make consumers wait to buy a glock until this next one comes out. I was in this situation too. Thinking about the new RTF frame. I think i’ll wait to see what they come up with.

    BTW, I have trouble with the grips too. On all but a few of there models, the finger grooves don’t feel right to me. Only the 45’s which have a bigger mag well and the RTF which has reduced finger grooves felt right. Hopefully, these will have the same features.

  2. […] a comment » N.U.G.U.N. has a post informing us there is a new advertisement from Glock. Apparently they are claiming a “next generation of perfection.” Funny I always thought […]

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