The Decline of Civilization and the Danger it Poses

We are fast losing the aspects that make a culture civilized. Our moral compasses have lost north. We are seeing a culture that is showing signs of dying.  There are always individuals who have no moral compass – they rape, murder, & steal. But in general the individuals of a civilized culture stand against such behaviors.

However, increasingly we are seeing elements of our culture sit by and witness such events without lifting a finger or even revelling in the deed.  Or defending such actions in the case of Roman Polanski.

Imagine if your daughter was being raped outside a homecoming dance. And as people witness the event, instead of intervening and stopping it, they told their friends. Who told their friends. Instead of people coming to stop the horrendous event they come to watch and be entertained. For two long hours the events transpire.

In such a decline one can find themselves all alone, even while in the midst of many.  One cannot count on fleeing to others for help. This is why training and awareness is of the utmost importance. Training enables you to respond quickly to a situation and hopefully gain the upper hand to either overpower the threat or flee from it. Awareness helps you to see the threat before it is close enough to engage you – enabling you to flee from it.


On a side note Caleb from Gun Nuts Media had a recent experience where his training came into play. Caleb is a competitive shooter. But if you read the account his first reaction was not to draw. Rather he utilized a cup of coffee to gain the initiative from his attacker, then drew.  The point is that part of training is ingraining into your being the ability to react.

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