War with the Media

Recently I found myself banned from commenting on CNN.com, courtesy of their new Facebook interface.  I also noted that several other comments were posted on the same article addressing their comments being deleted as well.

The one thing all of the comments had in common? They were ideologically opposed to the article on CNN.com

By implementing the login through Facebook CNN.com has added the power of identity. I feared that this would be used to control input and comment on CNN’s site.  And it is appearing that such is the case.

While one my claim that parts of the deleted comments were offensive and hence they were deleted/banned.  There were numerous offensive comments that remained on the site, however all of these agreed and sympathized with the author.

Why do I share this? Because I believe that it is the year 1850 and we are already in the midst of the ideological part of the 2nd American Civil War.  I believe the media is to blame for a large part of this conflict.   Some believe that mainstream media is simply interested in sensationalism and making $$$.  If only that were true. The media has, especially in recent years, shown that it is far more concerned about ideology than it is about $$$.  If it weren’t so, we would not be discussing bailouts for the media.

The media plays a large role in what uneducated masses think. Those that do not research a topic simply accept what they hear on the news.

I am concerned that we are seeing the media take the next step. Engaging in actions to deliberate control and eliminate counter-opinions.  “Silence the opposition.”

This is not to say all of the media are enemies. Nor that everyone who works for even a biased media group such as MSNBC is an enemy.  But there is an overwhelming and antagonistic opposition to conservative and libertarian viewpoints on the behalf of most of the major media outlets.  And as they continue to blatantly disenfranchise nearly half of Americans, they also make enemies of those same Americans.

This means when dealing with the 2nd Amendment, one must be on guard.  Cautious with your words.  Being aware that you are likely to be misquoted, or even find your words chopped up and put together to say something you never intended.



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  1. Its not MSNBC its MSLSD.
    All the liberals in MSLSD are on LSD especailly
    Keith Overbite Count Down To No Rattings.

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