“There is no magic amulet!”

Yesterday, four police officers were shot and killed while sitting down at a Tacoma area coffee shop. A lone gunman caught the officers off guard.  Two officers were hit immediately, a third while trying to stand up. The fourth killed while struggling with the assailant.

These were not civilians but highly trained and armed police officers who were killed in the line of duty. Neither their guns nor their badges were magic amulets, neither kept them safe. The Lakewood police department has in a single day lost four of it’s officers.  However, all four of those officers led double-lives.  All four of them were officers – but three were dads and one was a mother.

CCW Trainers put a lot of emphasis on “awareness” and one might be tempted to cite a lack of awareness on the part of the officers.  Four officers caught flat-footed. However, condition “yellow” is just that. It’s a state of observance.  Such observation may not always present red flags. In this case, where a felon was specifically out to kill himself a few cops.  The mere milliseconds between the observation that the individual had just drawn a gun and his beginning to fire were not sufficient to allow the officers to react.  Perhaps some things could have been done differently, perhaps better training could have improved reaction time. Regardless, even if everything had been done right one or two of those officers would have still been hit and likely killed.

There is no magic amulet.  Never think because you have a gun, and know how to use it, that you are invincible.  “A firearm is an equalizer, not a guarantee!”

Our prayers and condolences go out to the Lakewood police department, to the families of the slain officers and especially the children of those officers.   And forgive me if part of my prayer is the hope that the shooter takes an abundance of gunshot wounds while being apprehended.

If that seems wrong, realize that this man had a long rap sheet beginning as a youth.  Given clemency because of sympathy for his age and several additional breaks along the way. The result is as per usual – our legal system keeps releasing these predators back onto our streets until they kill our police officers.  So I am sorry if I wish for this man to be taken off the streets by force, it is only because I do not trust our judicial system to remove such creatures from our streets.

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  1. My thoughts exactly. Our firearms are no guarantee against something like this happening…..and I hope that this subhuman is eliminated as quickly as possible.


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