.380 “The Little Round that Could”

.380, essentially a shortened 9mm round has seemingly taken the gun world by storm.  KelTec and a few others offered .380 pocket guns for a while. But the success of Ruger’s LCP seems to have sent waves through the manufacturing industry – with dozens of manufacturer’s releasing .380 firearms.  The following post over at Guns & Holsters seems to hint at Smith & Wesson’s M&P being the next firearm to be released in a .380 version.

While many will comment on the .380 having sub-par ballistics and poor performance compared to other calibers. The improvement of bullet technology has led to an increased viability of this round.  It may not be best choice for defense. But it has gained popularity as THE pocket gun caliber.

Read more on S&W M&P .380

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  1. You know the .380 may have subpar performance compared to my .45 but my .45 doesn’t fit nicely in my coat’s front pocket. And in here in Minnesota the winter requires a heavy enough coat that any gun on your hip is going to be difficult to access in a timely manner.

    This is a case of a .380 in the pocket beats an inaccessible .45 on the hip.

  2. Even better, with guns like the LCP you can keep that pocket gun in the pocket. I am quite fond of our LCP.


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