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Rights to transport firearms on Amtrak trains restored (sort of).  Originally the law was going to mandate that in order for firearms to be transported they must be stowed away in locked metal containers. In a similar fashion as occurs while flying on commercial airliners.

This is not a new right. Though some, like the Brady Campaign, will have you believe. Rather, it’s a restoration of what was acceptable before September 11th, 2001.

Apparently due to some sort of transcription error. The requirement that President Obama signed mandates that the carrier must be stowed in a secure container.  Frankly, I’m not sure I’d put it past someone in this administration doing it deliberately. But in all likelihood it was probably just a typo.

So there you have it. You can now transport your sidearm on AMTRAK. You just have to be locked in a box to do so.

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Also in the news. A measure was passed (courtesy of Murtha) to protect M-1 carbines, M-1 Garands, M-14s, .22 caliber rifles, and others from being destroyed.

This language also includes a prohibition on the destruction of small arms ammunition and components, and a response to the short-lived concern over destruction of spent brass casings earlier this year.

Now I want to point something out. I dislike Murtha and his frivolous spending and his private airport. However, the NRA is not concerned about such matters – there are plenty of other organizations like “Downsize DC” that worry about such matters. The NRA is focused on the right to keep and bear arms.

If U.S. Representative John Murtha supports it, than the NRA will support him.  Folks, we have to stop demonizing the NRA for supporting people who we dislike for other issues.  Don’t expect the NRA to put pressure on elected officials for pork barrel spending.  Address those issues through OTHER advocacy groups.


Glock 4th generation sighted.

Potential Dealer Pricing ???

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  1. You know after hearing about that Amtrak transport wording I must ask myself why haven’t they printed a new bill with the correct wording and have Obama veto the first one and sign the new one?

    Legally the document he signed was not the document approved by the senate nor congress so I don’t see how it’s legally binding. If this is allowed to continue with it’s current wording it seems to be setting a precedence in which the president can just create and sign any law he so choses (obviously as a gravest scenario).

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