Ruger announces the SR9c

Compact version of the SR-9. Shipping January 15th.
(Also now offer GP100 chambered in .327 Magnum)

Sadly, there is not much more information on the firearm. It seems during Ruger’s last website makeover they’ve done away with the detailed specs.  I am not sure if this is deliberate. I even tried contacting them via email only to find that their contact form broke.

Yes, I know, there will be a bazillion comments on how Ruger needs to recall their website now. But usually Ruger’s site is pretty darn good.

I am still rooting for a Ruger tactical shotgun.  R

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  1. Actually, if you go to the Firearms Search and click on New Models (or something like that) you can access the specs page for the SR9c and all the other new guns! Looks cool….might have to go on a wish list if it gets good reviews. On the other hand, I have pretty unlimited access to my husband’s Belgian-made Browning High Power, so it might be a tough argument around here that I “need” the Ruger!

  2. .357 magnum??

  3. The GP100 has been available in .357 Magnum for years. Ruger, in conjunction with Federal, introduced the .327 Magnum about a year or two ago. It is essentially a high powered .32, falling somewhere between the .38 Special and the .357 Magnum. It’s supposedly has less recoil than the .357 but a bit more energy than the .38 Special.

    It had been available only in Ruger’s SP101 product line. And recently with S&W and Taurus. Now Ruger is expanding that to the GP100 and Redhawk lines.

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