If you carry, Always carry!

Today, I found myself in an uncomfortable situation.  I found myself NAKED.

My father-in-law and I road into Philly to pick up a van he had purchased. (His old one being burned in a rash of serial arson.)  This morning to I commented to myself that I need to remember to carry, and should probably take the .45 instead of the LCP.

But I forgot and went out naked. The pick-up location was not the worst part of Philadelphia but it sure wasn’t far up the totem-pole.  I sat parked on side street for about 20-30 minutes with the ever present thought that if something happened I had set myself up to be a victim.

Mind you, I did not really expect anything to happen, it was just that such an area has a higher probability of something happening than areas I usually hang out in.

Before you rag on me too hard. Let me share that it’d been an interesting past few days. First we were buried alive in snow. Then I fell prey to the stomach bug circulating the area. So essentially I was homebound for a few days. Breaking habits that I usually follow, but that are still not ingrained with years of ritual. Furthermore, I had a nuts crazy morning juggling kids, cars and more.

So I put this question out to all my readers. What have you done to help you solidify the ritual of arming yourself?  Do you still find yourself occasionally walking out naked inadvertantly?

If not, what have you done to perfect your habits?

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  1. My solution is I take the always carry mantra all the way. When I wake up in the morning my gun goes on my hip and doesn’t come off until I go to bed (Unless I go somewhere where I can’t have it, then the gun goes into the lock box in my truck). It’s part of my morning routine even if I plan on staying home all day.

  2. But what if you’re sick, lying in bed. Say in pajamas or briefs. Do you still carry?

    It’s usually part of my morning routine. Wake up, shower, get dressed, dress my gun. But it’s the times when that routine is shattered.

    I also find that I am more forgetful if say I have spent the past week down in Maryland. Breaking my habits for a while.

    So what do you do for scenarios like that?

  3. Yeah I completely forgot about the whole being sick part (I did read it though). For me being sick is one of those things that I just assume I’ll be throwing everything out the window. But I still ensure my firearm is within arms reach of me at all times (Yes even when I’m sick if I get up from the bed and move to the couch I carry my gun over there with me). Maybe this action helps me remember my routine when I start feeling better.

    Of course I live alone so I don’t have to worry about leaving a gun around unwatch (Falling asleep for instance).

  4. I have a 2 1/2 yr old. If the gun loaded, and is not on me, than it is not safe.

  5. I’ve had a couple of occasions when I forgot to carry. I don’t like that feeling.

  6. My holster stays with my belt, as does the hanger for my keyring. Checking for my keys when leaving the house is a habit that’s been ingrained for a LONG time.

  7. When I first started carrying, I was not allowed to carry into work. Fortunately, I live in one of the free states which protects my right to carry on the way to and from work. So, my routine was to get to work, unload and lock up my revolvers, and go inside. One morning, I went to unload my guns, and found that they were empty. I have no idea how I made it out of the house with guns but no ammunition, but is certainly didn’t happen again!

    To answer your posed question: I go with the philosophy of same gun, same carry position and method every time. In addition to that, at night I store my carry guns with all of my daily pocket crap, so if I’m going to forget any of it, I have to forget all of it. I don’t think I need to tell you how unlikely that is!

  8. In my case, I typically do not wear the same pants to work as I do around town, and since I cannot carry at work, my “around town” pants always have the holster on them. When I put them on, it reminds me to grab the pistol and off we go.

    Likewise, my PPS always lives somewhere easily acessible and out-in-the-open – but, then, I do not have children, so that is not a solution for you.

    Put your holster near where you keep your keys? We dangle the latter off hooks near the door, and I can certainly see hanging a holster there too.

    In the end, the greatest way you can “remember” is for it to be such a habitual action that you never forget, or need to remember. Just keep loading up every chance you get, and you will not have to worry about forgetting.

  9. I have a good one for you. I was out with my child one day walking the neighborood and when we came home I realized that my holster was empty. An Oh Sh.. moment in time that I will never forget. It felt like an hour went by but it was more like 3 seconds until I retraced my entire day and realized I had been distracted while I was getting dressed and had strapped on the holster but left the gun in the safe.

    My recommendation, keep your keys next to your gun.

  10. ROTFL

    That’s a fright for sure. My keys went missing this week. So not a good strategy. Actually I almost never lose my keys. My daughter probably took them and stashed them somewhere. *sighs*

  11. Jeff and TheGuad have it right. When I leave my house, there are four things I check for AT THE DOOR. Right pocket – keys; left pocket – cell phone; back pocket – wallet; right hip – 9mm. If any of these are missing, I don’t go out the door, simple as that.

    Unfortunately, I now work on a facility where leaving my gun locked in my car is not allowed. I get to walk out of the hotel naked every morning. Since I’m in a hotel, my firearms get to stay 350 miles away.

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