Friends of the NRA Banquets: Part I

Last night my wife and I had an enjoyable time at the Lancaster Friends of the NRA Banquet.

We were joined by nearly 900 2nd Amendment lovers – for food, games and guns.  There were dozens of raffles and games. These evening was drawing to a close, we had yet to win anything.  But were still having a good time and had a tasty dinner.  They were doing one of the bucket raffles when my wife exclaimed… “I really like that basket.” Moments later they call her number.

They then began calling the last raffles, for 5 remaining firearms.  Thinking this methodology worked. I exclaimed excitedly in imitation of my 2 yr old daughter. “I want to win. I want to win a gun. I going to win a gun.”  And I kid you not, moments later they read off my name.

I won a Taurus 85 revolver chambered in .38 Special.  Pretty much covering the cost of our tickets, and the raffles we played.

If you haven’t attended a Friends of the NRA Banquet, I heartily suggest you do. They’re a lot of fun. And while few are quite as large as the Lancaster dinner. They are all fun.

PS – If you’re in York county the Friends of the NRA Banquet will be Thursday, May 6th, 2010.

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  1. What list do I need to be on to have heard about this?

  2. You can find a listing of events in your area here:

    Just find your state, and scroll through to find one near you.

    – N.U.G.U.N.

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