Marlin Shutting down Connecticut Factory

Per the Shooting Wire, Marlin Firearms will be closing it’s manufacturing facility in North Haven, CT.

Growing up my father had two firearms. A Ruger Security-Six and a Marlin .22, both of which were Connecticut companies.  In fact, there might not be any place in the world as richly steeped in firearm manufacturing as the Connecticut River Valley.

It is always sad to see smaller companies with long legacies be gobbled up by corporate entities.  Some would say “It’s just capitalism!”, but it’s really not.  There are so many tax breaks and loopholes a larger corporation receives that a small family owned business just cannot access. It puts the small/medium, non-corporate business on a very challenging business field.

I hope Marlin will remain a high quality product. But it is sad to see it lose it’s identity.  I spent much of my youth in New Haven, Connecticut. I worked in the former Winchester factory complex, after it had been converted to business space.

I think we are entering an era in the firearms industry which is very similar to the automotive industry several decades ago.  When all the founders, and their families are gone – and the industry is not just ruled, but completely filled with big corporations.

It’s my hope that smaller, independent companies like Ruger will continue and not be gobbled up by monstrous consolidating corporations.

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