Rep. Eugene DePasquale on Castle Doctrine

PA Representative Eugene A. DePasquale hosted another online townhall meeting. In which one can field questions via the web

I asked Representative DePasquale about his stance on a castle doctrine style bill that would eliminate the threat of civil lawsuit in cases of justifiable defense as well as extend protection to one’s vehicle.

The following is an approx. paraphrase of Representative Eugene A. DePasquale in regards to his support of the castle doctrine. (Couldn’t type fast enough to get it word for word. If I can get a copy of the video I will edit the statement.)

“I will support such legislation…

It is one thing about the duty to retreat in a public place…but when someone is in their home – it is very difficult to expect them (we are not talking about trained law enforcement) to make a determination of threat level when someone has entered their home.

Someone can rationally believe that they are threatened when someone is rustling about downstairs in their home in the middle of the night.”

I am glad that Rep. DePasquale is aware of the intensity and stress involved in such a situation.  Recognizing that a common citizen is not able to train to the level of law enforcement, and cannot be expected to make a determination as to whether their skill allows them to subdue the perpetrator in a non-lethal manner. Something a police officer is trained to do.

I also inquired about his support for a revamping of Pennsylvania’s present beer laws which are quite archaic and asinine.  To which he expressed that Pennsylvania does need to address the situation and see some sort of reform. Though he did not seem completely clear as to what that reform should be.

For those unaware, trying to acquire a six-pack of you favorite craft beer in Pennsylvania can sometimes be as daunting as buying a firearm in Massachussets.

“It’s possible. It’s just a royal pain in the arse. And your selection is likely to be poor.”

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  1. Do you know if any Gov candidates will be at the 2A Rally in Hburg Apr 27?

  2. Sorry, I am unaware of any…

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