My Liberty Rifle: Work in Progress

Last fall I attended a local Appleseed event. One of the things the Appleseed Project emphasizes is what they call the “Liberty Rifle”.

A liberty rifle is essentially an adapted 22 caliber long rifle focused on training with the use of iron sights.

I had been planning to buy a Ruger 10/22 for this event. But I wanted a particular model. I had eyed it at Walmart for several months. And wound up convincing my father-in-law to pick one up. About 3 weeks later I came up with the money to purchase one of my own. But apparently Walmart had changed distributors and no longer carried the model. I finally found the distrubor and a dealer who could get it.

Why did I want this specif model? Because it had a longer 22″ barrel.

My intention was to purchase a set of Tech-Sights for the 10/22.  These sights provide an aperture sight similar to many military sights. The rear Tech-Sight does not mount in the rear dovetail slot, rather it is screwed into the scope mount which is further back on the rifle. This provides an elongated sight radius for greater accuracy.

However, by the time the rifle arrived it was too late for me to order the Tech-Sights.  I bought some cheap TruGlo fiber optic sites which I found to be sub-par. They didn’t provide much adjustment options. (Now did they provide all the replacement and alternate tubes that I am used to with the Hi-Viz brand fiber-optics.

For my birthday back in March, my wife ordered me a pair of the TS200 Tech-Sights for my Ruger 10/22. I haven’t had the opportunity to try them out at the range. But I expect them to perform well; having used them on another rifle during the Appleseed event I attended.  What I am really excited about is that I replaced the front post with a Hi-Viz AR post. This now gives me the advantage of both the aperture and fiber-optic sights.

Rear Aperture Sight

Front Sight with HiViz Fiber-optic AR post
(Don’t you just love that glow!)

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