United We Stand/Divided We Fall

FOX article on the gun movement. One thing that bothers me is that it shows the division we have in our movement. A division that will impede our chances for success. Disappointment in the NRA is NOT reason to stop supporting it. Rather, it’s reason to become more involved.


The NRA is a strong advocate for the 2nd Amendment. But they’re a political advocacy group. They have to deal with strategies as they relate to politics (ie: not burning bridges).

Sometimes they will not stir the hornets nest if it might get the 2nd Amendment stung. But if the nest is stirred, they will often come on board and aid it’s victory.

People need to realize that the NRA is a political agency that sways politicians. They have a certain amount of capital they can expend on big decisions.

EVERY GUN OWNER should be a member of the NRA. It provides the greatest reflection to our politicians. The so-called 800lb gorilla. (But remember that’s a gorilla in a jungle filled with lions, tigers, hippos, elephants and donkeys.)

The article promotes division. Which is sad. Rather than NOT joining the NRA and being a member of a smaller organization. Do BOTH!

To quote the left “Think Globally. Act Locally”. Much of the push of change needs to come from small local regional organizations. With the NRA focusing on national issues along with the Second Amendment Foundation and others.

But the single largest group to reflect our ideals is the NRA. As such, you should be a member. This shows how large a voting population we are. Furthermore, if you don’t like how something works in the NRA – join, and change it. Be salt….

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