On the record – Rep. Eugene DePasquale on ‘Castle Doctrine’

Representative Eugen DePasquale stating support for ‘Castle Doctrine’.  Makes a great point regarding citizens not being trained to the level of professional law enforcement, and that they should not be required to make the same type of decisions or responses.

“I would support and vote yes on the castle doctrine. I think it is a very tough standard…[duty to retreat]…when someone is in there home, to expect them, if they are not a professional law enforcement officer, to make that quick of a determination of who is in the home – the reality is that if someone is in your home, and it’s the middle of the night, you can rationally believe they are a threat to you….I believe people have the right to protect their home.”

Watch video HERE (cue 17:55 Castle Doctrine)

(Note: 10:40 has my question regarding support for revising Pennsylvania’s crazy beer laws.)

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