Where’d ya go?

Hello to my readers,

I know it’s been a while. You might have been asking yourself did the N.U.G.U.N. Blog fall off the map.  Not quite…but fairly close.

I just relocated. Moving out of the small little house we were renting, and into our very own home. (One that affords much more space for a growing family – 5 bedrooms versus 2, and a nice acre of property.)

During the migration I found myself sans internet for nearly two weeks. Courtesy of Comcast who couldn’t come any sooner to install my new service.  And for whatever reason the WordPress app on my iPhone doesn’t like this blog (works fine with my other blog).  And yes, I could have finagled a bit. Used Safari to log in and post something. But I was too busy making sure my house was getting plumbed, and that the new kitchen subfloor and planks were getting laid down. And numerous other home details.

In fact, posting will continue to be sparse probably until the end of August when I will hopefully have most things wrapped up.

Thanks for staying tuned in….

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