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The auditions for “Top Shot” season 2 are soon to take place.  ( Many of the blogs have expressed criticism of the show and upcoming season 2. I think that’s in part because of the “reality gaming” that goes on during the show.

Sebastian and SayUncle have both been dismissive about whether they would audition for such a show.  But I think this is, in part, throwing the baby out with the bath water.  If I had the skills, I would try out, and here is why.

I’ve seen people leave organizations and groups because of the “bad apples” (or policies). How many people do we know in our community who refuse to join the NRA over some minor petty issue from 20 yrs ago. These individuals not only weaken our cause, but they essentially remove any means that they might have to influence the NRA as an organization. Where as I as a life member can vote for those who are more supportive of causes I seek progress on.

So what would I propose?  I’d rather see a group of us, good shooters, mature shooters, audition.  With the intent to “best represent” the shooting community. They would then encourage all the rest of the competitors to act accordingly.  Thus giving a better appearance than the first season.  I think such would be a better choice.

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  1. They wouldn’t take you in that case. Plus, regardless of skill, I don’t think they’d take you because you’re not oozing big ego – with enough to spare for 10 more people. They take people who will make for good television. There are plenty of great shooters who will never be there because they don’t have the outrageous personality it takes to make for good television.

    This is about reality television first and foremost. The shooting angle is just to be different than all of the other reality tv shows. There’s a reason that plain old shooting shows don’t build up a big audience. It’s really quite boring to watch other people shoot. The reality tv element is what sells the ad space and brings in the eyeballs.

  2. And even if, somehow, a whole cast of reasonable, responsible, mature, and whatever-the-hell-else shooters were to get onto the show, you forget that the editors have final say on what goes on the air.

    Throw that many people into a single house for a month, and stupid things are going to happen – it is a guarantee. And those things would become the substance of the show, regardless of what else went on.

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