What gun to get Eric?

Eric Shelton of the Handgun Podcast has put the power into our hands. That’s right, we will get to choose his carry weapon. One might say, his very life is in our hands.

Granted, the choice is kind of like a typical U.S. election. As we’re limited to a mere two choices – S&W M&P 45 or H&K 45 (sorry Glock).

Of course in an election year you are left with another crappy politician, at least with this vote Eric is left with a decent sidearm.

So what am I suggesting for my audio equipped friend?  The S&W M&P in 45. And here is why…

1. It’s an effective firearm that is affordable and of suitable quality for carry and personal defense. If ever used in self-defense and kept for evidence you’re only out $450.  You could almost buy 2 for the cost of one H&K – once you factor in the 6 magazines you should own for a carry gun.

2. The S&W M&P is becoming increasingly common with law enforcement. Thus greater access to parts, accessories, holsters, etc.

3. Because S&W doesn’t suck and hate you.

4. Eric already knows he’s going to buy at least one of each. (He won’t have to wait as long to purchase the M&P.

5. M&P is now a very common gun among regular/professional shooters. This will allow Eric to compare his shooting on an even platform.

6. Guess I should mention the fact that our economy is hurting. And the M&P is made in America. Where the Heckler is the Koch made?

(Okay, so I’m heckling a bit here. The H&K may in fact be the better firearm. But I want to remind my readers that there is more than just the firearm to consider.  There are many who’ve bought very nice sidearms only to discover they couldn’t find a decent holster.)

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  1. Ah, chucks, I was really going to tell him to pick up a high point in 40 cal. Given his views on those two products I’m sure he’d love em’. 🙂

    I’d go with the M&P, because I don’t see shelton as a HK snob, though it would give the gun dudes more reason to hate him.

  2. The HK45 is built here in the US. But I love your list! LOL!

  3. Uhhhh……just checked the S&W website. M&P’s are $758.00 to $1027.00 MSRP. You might want to verify price points before making a recommendation


    • MSRP seldom holds true for service grade companies. Sure the MSRP may be $700+. But I’ve never seen an M&P at that price point. Usually see them in the $450-$500.

      Other more premium brands often seem to be closer to their MSRP.

      A great example is the Ruger SR-556. People balked at the high MSRP while others said that the street price would be lower. Sure enough, most I see are in the $1,400-$1,700 price range.

      Also, S&W has been running promotions of two free mags fairly regularly. This amounts to additional savings.

      While an H&K45 w/6 mags may not cost double the price of an M&P45 with 6 mags. The cost will be significantly less.

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