The Dangers of Flip-Flops

Sebastian had a recent blog post about a pair of burglars who were caught on surveillance. He made reference to some poor choices in their attire, namely baggy pants worn below the butt and flip-flops on the female involved.

Flip-flops are a pet peeve of mine. I believe friends don’t let friends flip-flop. (And I’m not talking politics here).  I truly view the famed flip-flop sandal to be the most worthless and dangerous footwear ever conceived by mankind.  I can’t count the number of friends I’ve seen hurt themselves with such thongs.  I see only one valid purpose for the flip-flop; to shuffle to and from a public shower.

So why do I mention this? Because the clothing we wear adds to our safety or to our risk. Good solid footwear that allows you to run, is a must for safety.  High heels are another example of a dangerous shoe. A car comes around the corner running a red light. You need to get out of the way. Do you want to be in high heels or flats?

But additional garments also aid in one’s safety. Loose dark clothes can help conceal a carried firearm. Preserving an element of surprise, which may be the deciding factor in life and freedom.  Long warm sweaters and outer gear, may provide warmth but they might also restrict movement and access.

One does not necessarily need to choose a drab boring wardrobe just to be safe. But one can choose garments and accessories that both enhance appearance while retaining comfort and freedom of movement.


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  1. Then you should git 5.11 a strong taking too.

  2. Jason,

    Thanks for the invitation, I see by your blog roll that you frequent many of the same blogs that I do. I had to comment on the flip-flop thing though. Personally I am with you not only on flip-flops, but on baggy or “sagging” pants. Friends should not let friends dress like this.

    However, from the police perspective – love ’em. Flip-flops along with “sagging” over-sized pants have been a great boon to the police. Now in my 25th year on the job, there is no way I could catch the average 17 to 24 year old gang-banger in a foot pursuit if not for them having to hold their pants up with one hand while they try to run. The last stolen car pursuit I got into, the guy bailed after crashing into a bar ditch, as he vaulted a four foot chain link fence though, his baggy pants caught on the little spikes at the top of the chain links and hung him upside down to be picked like an apple off a tree.

    A few weeks ago one of my officers had a female break and run while he was trying to get her handcuffed, but thanks to her flip-flops she tripped herself and picked up a little road rash on the top of one foot (the one the flip-flop came off of) in the process.

  3. Yup…I’m ALL for criminals wearing flip-flops.


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