Connecticut FFLs Live!!!!

As some may know, I consider myself a Connecticut Yankee in William Penn’s Courts. Connecticut’s RTKBA freedoms aren’t quite as liberal as Pennsylvania’s (and I use that word in it’s classic meaning reflecting liberty).

The small handful of gun shops I remembered around the Greater New Haven area have closed down. There is a lot of pressure to shut down the Blue Trail Range.

For a region that has more modern firearm history than probably anyplace else in the world (Colt, S&W, Ruger, Winchester, Remington/UMC, Mossberg, etc, etc. – all from the Connecticut river region). It’s a pretty sad shame.

But it looks like there may be some hope and change.  Recently, Cabela’s opened up a large store in Hartford, CT area.  And during my recent trip up to Connecticut I visited a newly opened FFL.

So if you’re anywhere near Meriden, CT you might want to check out the Delta Arsenal (site under construction). Located at 82 Camp St in Meriden.

They seem to cater to more to the tactical/law enforcement/CCW owner than the hunting crowd.  They offer training and supplies. Granted, I’ve never taken any of their training.  But we really need to support our FFLs in Connecticut.  So check them out… (and feel free to report back on their services).

– N.U.G.U.N.



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