Quiet but not forgotten – BIG changes planned for the NUGUN Blog

Yes, things are often quiet here. The occasional posting here or there, along with the occasional flood of several posts in a day.

I do apologize, as life is often a challenging thing to live, finding time in the midst of family, house renovating and job hunting can be a challenge for sure.

To all of my readers who have remained, I want to thank you.  It is very much appreciated.

When I started this blog, it had a purpose – to pass the knowledge I was learning along to those who were just entering the world of firearms.

But I have wanted to provide a better resource than a mere blog to my readers. A while back I registered NUGUN.org, with the intention of creating a resource that went beyond scattered topics of a blog and could aid those searching for knowledge and resources.

It has sat fairly vacant for sometime.  But I have begun to finally move toward it being something more.  It will probably be sometime before I have anything to really show. Maybe as much as a year.  But I have begun to move…sometime in the future this blog will be moved over to the domain. And more…

Thank you for staying around…

– N.U.G.U.N. Blog

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