Thoughts on Compliance

In the following video, ( we see an interview with a man who defends himself on multiple occasions and leaves a total of 5 “goblins” dead. In one case, the criminal declares “if you move, I’ll kill you”. He moves anyways, and kills the criminal (not without take several potentially fatal shots himself). The reporter asked, why he didn’t just comply. [H/T Of Arms and the Law]

The following article details a case in which two female clerks comply with the robber. And live to tell about…oh wait, no the criminal guns them down. We often hear media and anti-gunners say we should just comply. That once they have our money, our watches and our wedding bands; they’ll leave us alone. But is that true? Is that even likely? Why wouldn’t a criminal just let you be, and be on their way? Could it be the fact that you can positively ID them? That alone gives most criminals a strong justification in blowing you away after you’ve complied. Hence, many of us do not view compliance as a viable option.

[H/T A Geek With Guns]

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  1. I thought you were going to mention the recent Harrisburg shooting:

  2. Hadn’t heard that story…


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