XM25 Deployed for Field Testing

The XM25 is really what I would call a ‘personal artillery system”. And if Minnesota’s Alliant Techsystems were smart, they’d coin the term PAS.

Essentially, the firearm launches a 25mm projectile up to 2,300 ft. The projectile can then be detonated at a set distance. Facilitating the shooting of targets protected by cover. (ie: if an enemy were hiding behind a wall, one could fire above the wall and have the projectile detonate overhead).

This firearm would eliminate many of the protections of cover, concealment; and would make for some serious duck hunting.

The article states that the weapon makes the soldiers more accurate. I actually disagree. I believe the weapon helps to counter a soldier’s inaccuracy.

I wonder if a civilian “semi-auto” version will be released. (Yeah right. But at $35,000 per unit, there probably isn’t much market for a civilian version anyways.)

At 12 lbs it is nearly twice as heavy as an M4. However, from what I gather this is NOT intended to be a main battle rifle, but a support unit. (ie: along the lines of a mortar,  or light machine gun unit). In which case, 12lbs is really light for a support weapon. The article states that the U.S. Army plans to purchase over 12,000 units. Equivalent to one per squad. Furthering my opinion that this is not a replacement for the MBR, but rather a support weapon.

Final thoughts….I’d hate to have to face such a weapon. And hope that we don’t see this become standard equipment of our increasingly militarizing S.W.A.T. teams.  The other downsides I see is the requirement of batteries to operate the unit. But I think that will be increasingly common in the future.



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