More coverage of Brian Aitken on Fox News

For those unfamiliar with the story, Brian Aiken is the poster child for how the patchwork of gun laws across states, and a lack of even the most basic “reasonableness” can lead to honest people receiving more jail time than dangerous criminals.

Brian Aitken is currently serving 7 yrs for transporting legally purchased firearms.

There is now a Facebook support group

Which is organizing a rally on December 12.

2:00pm Sunday December 12, 2010 at the
American Legion Post 129 on 2025 Church Road in Toms River, NJ


Contact Info for Governor Chris Christie’s office:


Just one more reason I consider New Jersey to be the Armpit of America.

FYI, People who fight for States’ rights need to stop. Understand that there are many of us living in states who violate Constitutionally protected rights far more than the Federal Government.  I am a firm believer not in States’ rights but rather Individual rights.  I believe both the States and the Federal government should be pitted against each other in constant warfare to protect the rights of the individual.

I believe we in fact need more Federal legislation. Particularly, a minimum protection act. That would establish a bare minimum of rights to meet Constitutional validity. These would include the right to purchase, own, and to transport in a specified manner (ie: locked unloaded, regardless of travel, stopping, etc.). As well as a minimum specification of legal equipment (ie: mandated that all states have to allow 10 round magazines, hollow points). Please note, I am in no way advocating restrictions limiting capacity. But rather protections of the barest level. A declaration that any state in violation of such, is in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

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