Why I am not sold on muzzle flashlights

The Tactical Wire has an article on an tragic incident involving a flashlight mounted on the rails of a duty gun.  It is why I am really not sold on the idea.


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  1. The alternate title for this post that you missed: “Why I’m so sold on training.” Not to be too cold-hearted here, but let’s remember that most cops only ever fire their weapon when they qualify. This story is a whole lot less about the equipment, and a whole lot more about the operator.

  2. I think it was a mix of factors. Training for one. But the equipment design is another factor. The officer stated that he preferred the older design with the toggle switch on the flashlight. Rather than having a touch pad right below the trigger.

    I do think that was a contributing factor. You’re moving a finger to turn on a light. That switch is a mere centimeter away from the trigger zone. Seems a bad concept to me.

    All that said, one still has to reconcile the 4 laws. And that having a flashlight on a gun, and using it for anything but illuminating an already identified hostile forces you to violate the four rules.

    Essentially, if you’re using the flashlight for identification purposes. Then you are sweeping the muzzle across unidentified targets.

    How much training is required to justify breaking one of the four rules.

    • See my YouTube video where I clearly show that needing to sweep somebody with the muzzle to use the light is again a lack of training and, no offense, a really stupid statement.

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