Meeting to discuss issues…

This week I have met with both my House or Representatives Congressman Todd Platts, and my State Senator Mike Waugh.

I discussed a number of national and local issues. Discussed some banking issues with Congressman Platts as well as expressed my feelings regarding TSA and firearm issues (ie: Brian Aiken). And the need for some most basic of protections.  Left with kind of mixed mood on that meeting. (But it also seemed like he was very busy today and somewhat distracted. So that may be part of it.)

Earlier in the week I met with my state Senator Mike Waugh. We discussed a number of issues, probably spent a good 40 minutes with him (enough to get myself a parking ticket *sigh*).

We discussed the Castle Doctrine, Pennsylvania’s whacky beer & liquor laws. Some past banking issues I’ve had.  Hunting Permits, training classes and the need for a “Learner Permit”.  The TSA (sure, PA doesn’t have authority in that matter, but he seemed very open to the idea of a State Resolution expressing the need for better policies regarding children and handicapped). Discussed property taxes, he seems to be more affirmed on that issue than I am. And I think my sharing of experiences living in Connecticut and paying $600+/ yr in municipal tax on a 10 yr old vehicle really disturbed him.  All in all I really enjoyed that meeting.


So why this post?

To encourage all my readers to get off our rumps, and visit these folk. Let them see a face. Let them know that there are people concerned enough about our issues to call them 3-5 times in order to schedule a meeting. And then to come in person and share their opinion.

I’d wager that if a state politician had 10 separate individuals meet with them to discuss a given issue. They’d get scared (politically).

These are our representatives. We need to hold them accountable to us.

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  1. Good Job!

  2. Good on you!

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