Railgun Video

Navy’s experimental railgun fired a 23 pound bullet at 5,500 ft per second using 33 megajoules of energy.



The goal apparently is a 64 megajoule weapon capable of sending a bullet 200 miles in six minutes.  (10x farther than the Navy’s current guns can fire.)   An order of magnitude range increase can be decisive in battle.

One day, our traditional firearms might be considered as relic as blackpowder.  But sadly, the more likely case is that such newer technology will be prohibited from the People, as are machine guns and other weapons. Regardless of whether they offer any greater danger. Simply because they’re NEW!

I often hear people talk about their 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Usually, this is in reference to firearms. Occasionally, you’ll hear it reference to knives. And thankfully we now have an organization picking up the defense of our knife rights (http://www.kniferights.org/).  However, try walking down the street with a sword and see how long it is until you are stopped.

We’ve have truly lost so much, while we’ve made gains in recent years. Most of this is “re-gaining”.  The Navy says this is about 15-25 yrs away. We need to be ready to defend our right to the access of new technology based firearms when the time comes.

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