Typical 1/2 facts article

Virginia Tech – the cause that just won’t die.


“But how many dangerous people bought guns through public sales where they knew there would be no background check?”
Um, very few. As that pretty much entails long rifles. And very few of those are used in these situations.

“Rather than pushing to bring more guns onto college campuses and trying to react to violence while it’s under way, my point is we should work harder to stop the guns that make it there and to prevent those shootings in the first place.”

We should. But we don’t We repeatedly let violent felons back onto the streets after they’re caught with weapons violations.  But throw the book at good citizens to make examples of them (or rather just to harass gun owning Americans).

Interesting to note that there was a similar event at the Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, Virginia also experienced a shooting similar to the Virginia Tech incident.
The difference? Two students ran and retrieved their firearms.
The other difference? A lot less students killed.

The COMMENTS get interesting. Probably the most common one is that if students can carry. When shots are fired all those toting guns will draw them, and not know who is the shooter and it’ll be a free-for-all.  “How will you know who to shoot.”

Wow….elegance is a beautifully simple answer to an obtuse question.   “You shoot the guy pointing his gun at you!”  And you can probably take a reasonable gamble at shooting the guy who is randomly shooting other students.

Sad that the MSM constantly dredges this up…but hey, that’s to be expected.

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