Arizona Shooting – “You’ll know a man by the books he reads…”

Today, a tragedy happened. 6 people were killed, including a Federal Judge and a 9-yr old girl. In addition, 12 people were wounded, including a Congresswoman. This is a horrendous & disgusting deed.

Already I am hearing numerous posts blaming the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and others for this event. So I am compelled to speak about the man – Jared Lee Loughner. It is often said you’ll know a man by the company he keeps. But I also hold to the fact that you will know a man by the books he reads.

Jared Loughner lists some interesting books as his favorites. Including “The Communist Manifesto”, “Mein Kampf”. Now it’s one thing to read such books. But to list them as your favorites. That is very telling.

As such, based on Mr. Loughner’s favorite reading selections. He is in no way comes across as a member of the Tea Parties.

Quote from an acquaintance per Wired article “he was left wing, quite liberal and oddly obsessed with the 2012 prophecy”

“Books:I had favorite books: Animal Farm, Brave New World, The Wizard Of OZ, Aesop Fables, The Odyssey, Alice Adventures Into Wonderland, Fahrenheit 451, Peter Pan, To Kill A Mockingbird, We The Living, Phantom Toll Booth, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Pulp,Through The Looking Glass, The Communist Manifesto, Siddhartha, The Old Man And The Sea, Gulliver’s Travels, Mein Kampf, The Republic, and Meno.”

Apparently, Representative Giffords was not highly rated by the NRA or GOA, she did support a number of 2nd Amendment issues. Including supporting 2nd Amendment rights for Washington D.C.

“Born and raised in Arizona, she is a longtime gun owner and strong supporter of the Second Amendment. In 2008, she joined in an amicus brief for District of Columbia v. Heller asking the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the appellate court ruling that overturned the controversial DC gun ban.”

“U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of the 8th Congressional District and 5th District Congressman Harry Mitchell, both Democrats, also objected to the ban. Giffords owns a Glock handgun and regards gun ownership as a constitutional right and an “Arizona tradition,” said spokesman C.J. Karamargin.”;col1


UPDATE: More and more it’s beginning to seem as this guy may have been a racist. Some info coming out that he may have been tied to supremacist groups. (Might explain his listing Mein Kampf as one of his favorite books.)

A lot like to label Nazis as right-wing. I do not accept this label, fascism is closely related to socialism. It’s more totalitarian which is at odds with the Libertarian movement and most of the modern conservative movement.

Racist != Right Wing

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