Ever Vigilant

We have had a number of excellent victories in restoring our rights. Heller, McDonald, etc.

But it is said that “We must win them all, and they only one.” for our rights to be maintained or infringed respectively. As such, it is a requirement on our part that we remain ever vigilant.

A Republican Congressman is planning to introduce legislation to prohibit a gun within a 1,000 ft of a government official.  I believe a state representative lives just down the street. Would I have to get rid of all my guns?

Representative Carolyn McCarthy is calling for a ban on magazines over 10 rounds.  As other calls are made for a new assault weapons ban.  (FYI, this is one of the rare times that I might accept the media’s use of the term hi-capacity magazine. Because Loughner used a 33 round magazine for an auto-pistol.  But my Glock magazine is a standard magazine and holds 17 rounds, it is not a high capacity magazine.)


If there is a legislation requirement to be implemented, it would seem that reform in regards to the reporting of serious social and mental behavior.  A couple of expulsions for extremely odd behavior probably should have constituted a behavioral health review.

On the flip side, I do think having added security might be prudent.


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