A Top Crime City has Solution to Economic Problem

Camden, N.J. renown for one of the worst crime rates of any city has decided to crack down on crime. Oh wait, no…sorry, my mistake.

The city of Camden has decided to lay off half their police force. That sounds like a brilliant strategy for failure.

City spokesperson declares “We’re still going to protect our residents”, I’d really like to know “how?”  I mean this is a city that is already failing to protect it’s residents. How can a 50% reduction in it’s police force do anything but endanger it’s residents further?

A thought to consider, would Camden be in a better economic situation if it was not so crime-ridden? Could the alternative be to double, even triple the police force temporarily – until crime can be brought under control. And thus make the city more attractive for business.

The final thought is to any New Jersey residents. It’s clear your government institutions are failing to keep you safe. Your laws prevent you from exercising your own right to protect yourself and keep your loved ones safe. And now, that same institution is going to further cut what meager safety they provide.  I have to assume that right about now you guys are hoping for some real change.


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