NPR we’re not biased, no not at all… breaks a story on NPR pretty much stacking the deck for their panel to discuss gun control.

Boils down to… “We want anyone we can claim is a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, who will side with our point of view.”

Mind you, rather than selecting one of the numerous gun bloggers who have been around a while serving our community. They pick a relatively new blogger who’s creds include the AHSA (the pseudo organization that actively campaigned for President Obama, and immediately went *poof* after the election).

The really sad thing, is unlike the rest of the lamestream media. You actually are PAYING to have NPR actively campaign against your beliefs.

There is a lot of talk about the need for reinstatement of the fairness doctrine. The reason most conservatives oppose such, is not out of our moral objection to fairness. It’s the fact that we are fully aware that it is the anti-conservative doctrine. It’s okay for NPR, and the rest of mainstream media to actively assert a bias and deceitfully present honesty. But strangely, unfair for a conservative to share their views without a counterpoint.

Any wonder that so many of us want to see NPR defunded.

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