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Washington Post advocating for a renewed AWB.

Entire article focuses on a reduction in high capacity magazines during the Clinton-era ban. It points to proof that the program was working, because the number of firearms used in conjunction with high capacity magazines dropped in their survey data.

What they’re NOT saying is whether there was any dramatic drop in crime because of it. And I believe we ALL know the answer to that is NO.

Though it may take several shots to stop a determined aggressor. The vast majority of crimes do not involve dozens of victims shot. A reduction of the standard 15-17 round magazines down to the reduced 10 round magazines would do little to change the scope of crimes.

Sebastian covering the recent ATF study in regards to “sporting nature”.

Gail Pepin of the ProArms Podcast has now joined the blogosphere

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  1. Liberals don’t seem to care much about facts…. Just sayin’ 🙂

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