Has the Army finally found a replacement for the M4

Courtesy of the Glenn Beck News Network….

Apparently, the first trial run of the XM25 in the field is garnering a positive response from soldiers. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be able to shoot around walls.

“Soldiers have been so pleased with the XM25 that they are carrying it as a primary weapon, and not bothering to bring an M4 as a secondary weapon, said Maj. Christopher Conley”

The downside is current production costs: $1,000

That’s not for the rifle, that’s for one round of hand loaded ammo.  As for the rifle, it’s quite a steal. The rifle costs a mere 25 rounds of ammo. All joking aside, this is really a significant development in small arms. Mankind has wanted to shoot around corners for centuries, if not millenia. As for the seeming outrageous costs, expect the cost to drop significantly if put into mass-production. I’d wager they’ll probably get it down to about $2,500 a rifle and $100 a round.


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