New Haven Police Sergeant “City residents should arm themselves”

As a former resident of New Haven, let me say a few things. The city needs more officers – not less. The city needs less crappy officers as well.

My wife comments that cuts always seem to involve police. Even though they tend to be a very very small portion of the budget. In fact, these high profile cuts are often done because they raise the ire of the city and help spur the cause of tax increases.

I have a lot of personal experience with the police of New Haven. Can I be honest, 90% of my loss of respect for police officers came from that city.

– I’ve dialed 9-1-1 and never had a response. After multiple incidents in a given day.

– Once dialed 9-1-1 and was told “It’s New Haven, what’d’ya expect us to do about it.” (Mind you, this same call later resulted in three police cars being sent to take down a police report.)

– When a known convicted federal felon broke into my mother’s house. We could not even get the police to dust for fingerprints. So that the info could be turned over to the man’s parole officer.

– And God forbid, you ever get into any situation involving a younger woman with a nice butt. The New Haven police will be such horny wankers that they won’t even bother to listen to you – even if you’re the victim.

So let me say clearly, that the New Haven police department is one of the major factors in my realization that every individual must take the law into their own hands. And hopefully, your police department will there to back you up.

So when a representative of the New Haven police say “city residents should arm themselves”, I fully agree.

Let me also chime in and say that New Haven’s got some damn good officers too. And thanks to two men in blue, a lot of my faither in police was restored.

After having a series of failed responses and unprofessional behavior on the part of a number New Haven police officers (and one insane New Jersey state trooper); I had pretty much began writing the police off.

Mind you, I am an Eagle Scout and it was very much ingrained in me that police officers are good folk. I never looked at them in any derogatory fashion. But I had just about lost all faith. One simple event changed that.

I was helping a friend push his broken truck into my driveway. It was snowing. Suddenly flashing lights appeared. I was in no mood for any hassle from a police department that had failed me way too many times in the prior 6 months. When the two officers stepped out, I was ready to be defensive (but civil). Instead, they offered to give us a hand. The four of us pushed the truck up into my driveway.

While that may seem a trivial matter, it was to me an act of restoration. “To serve and protect”. Here were two good officers. Two helpful officers. It told me that there were still good officers on the streets who weren’t about their egos, who weren’t lazy, who took their motto seriously. So how could such a little act change my attitude to an entire plethora of uniformed officers?

Simple…it reminded me that there are good cops. Therefore I could not allow myself to look upon all cops with disdain. To those two badges….thank you.

PS – And to all those who told me, “then maybe I should move?”, I did, and am much happier for it. Though I do miss the culinary mecca that is New Haven.

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