New snubbie – LaPierre vs Obama

Recently, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, turned down an offer to meet and discuss “gun control” issues with the President of the United States.

It’s created quite a bit of a stir online and in the media, even on

While the actions earned no friends with the leftists, it may reflect a stronger bolder NRA. Was this the right move?  Maybe…

There is little point for the NRA to sit at a round table discussion surrounded by the President and a bunch of anti-gun advocates. What would that accomplish? It’d be nothing more than an attempt to browbeat the NRA and garner some sound bites.

Essentially, they are bringing nothing to the table. All the compromise is expected to be on the part of the NRA and 2nd Amendment supporters.  In which case, little is to be discussed.

Could this be something more?  Could compromises be made that are more beneficial? Perhaps, but at a minimum, more could be brought to the table.  And the table shouldn’t be stacked with a full load of one view and a lone individual for the other side.

If President Obama is sincere, I would suggest to him that he do the following. Do not conduct a round table on “gun control”.  Rather, conduct one on “firearm issues for the next decade”.

Then, balance out the discussion. Invite not only the NRA. But the Second Amendment Foundation and other strong RTKBA organizations.  Do not merely put on the table for discussion the whims of gun control advocates, but also address issues that plague gun owners.

– CCW reciprocity

– BATFE practices

– Urbanization issues (specifically, silencers and whether they should be made more accessible – perhaps we keep them NFA items but change it to a $5 registration fee)

– Interstate travel, driving through New Jersey with a couple of common .22LR rounds with bullet dimples should not endanger you with a felony)

– NICS background checks, rather than making them mandatory. Why not first start with allowing any citizen considering selling a firearm to have access to conduct a background check before sale.

– Importation of classic surplus firearms, (eg: M14)

–  Protection of antique firearms from destruction after being seized by police or during gun buy backs.

Addressing some of the above issues would go a long way to establishing a feeling of mutual discussion.  While the NRA should still refuse to back down on anything related to liberty and civil rights (who in their right mind thinks we need to reduce civil liberties), the NRA could play an integral role in helping with the implementation of policies and procedures so that they are more effective.

Interesting to note the photo that was used in the article. Are we winning? We’ve got to be having a strong effect. The above article features a so-called “evil black rifle”. But it’s in the hand of a fairly benign looking elderly gentleman.  Guns in the hands of the elderly tends to come across as less intimidating. It’s a nice change from the traditional “let’s find the worst photo we can of a gun owner with a black rifle” that has been the mainstay of MSM for years.  Are we having an effect, albeit a very subtle one?  I think the above photo says “yes”.

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