NRA Membership & Common Sense

Sebastian over at has posted a rebuttal to a post over at anti-gun blog Common Gunsense.

Below was my response. I wonder how long until I find myself not allowed to post comments.  And with this post I deem a new category just for anti-gunners.


Let’s address some of these comments:

“I have been told that you can get a complimentary NRA membership when you attend a gun show”

Some gun shows work with recruiters. You’ve got a $25 show entry price, and the exhibiter waves the entrance fee for those who sign up as first time NRA members.

It is the gun show that is sacrificing some of it’s profits to support the organization.

“Also, the NRA gives memberships away on it’s website.”
The NRA has from time to time offered promotions for free Associate Memberships. These are non-voting memberships. And basically, are for the purpose of getting the individual connected with the NRA, receiving newsletters, etc.

“I wrote about my friend who is now considered to be a member of the NRA by mistake since he filled out a survey in protest and mailed it in.”

Actually, they’re not considered a member of the NRA. If the NRA counted every expired membership, every survey contact, etc. They’d have tens of millions of members and not just 4 million.

” I have a friend who shoots at a local gun club and had to buy a membership in order to belong to the club. ”

As the NRA does more for gun clubs and shooting sports than any other organization in the world. It is not surprising that many clubs mandate joint membership. Beyond the mere political scope, the NRA is also a marksmanship and training organization. In fact, a huge proportion of our police and law enforcement are trained through NRA affiliated programs. The vast majority of citizens who carry are trained through NRA affiliated programs. The NRA also provides hundreds of thousands of dollars in the form of grants to ranges, 4H clubs, Boy Scouts of America and other youth programs.

“But he is a member nonetheless by necessity and not by choice.”

He can always choose a different gun club. Or simply choose NOT to shoot.

“I have a theory. It is that the NRA has actually lost a lot of members in recent years.”

I wouldn’t bet on that theory. Just from the recent growth of NRA Annual Meeting attendance one would be hard pressed to buy into that theory. Especially, with the growing numbers of women joining both the NRA and shooting sports.

“Because of it’s extreme positions and it’s very political nature, many reasonable gun owners have opted not to have an NRA membership.”

Ironically, the number one reason I’ve heard gun owners complain about the NRA is not, as you would put it, it’s extreme positions. But rather, many criticized the NRA for compromising too much in the past.

“write this petulant letter to President Obama”

Because, the NRA sees nothing to gain from sitting down at a table surrounding by anti-gunners who are simply going to bash them and try to collect sound bites.

Lastly, might I ask what difference it makes?

If NRA membership were free. How would that change any relationship at all. They’d still be members.

As for the associate memberships, why shouldn’t they be counted. They still chose to join.

What should scare the likes of the Brady campaign is just how many NRA members are actually dues paying members.

Free, associate – it doesn’t matter. They chose to join. And if a few individuals have joined reluctantly because their gun clubs require it. Clearly, their views against are not strong enough to motivate them to give up said club in exchange for standing by their views and not joining the NRA.

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