“Throw things, yell, use improvised weapons”

San Antonio College is provided “survival” classes to instruct students how to survive a campus shooting. While I believe the instruction and encouragement of a “survival mindset” to be good things.  Does anyone think yelling and throwing things is likely to be effective?  Knowing exits and escape routes is simply part of maintaining condition “yellow”.  One should always be aware of what means of escape are available to you.

But in many of these situations, the killers have come in from an angle that prevents escape. I do believe a more pro-active vs reactive strategy can make a difference. One brave man who has the opportunity to tackle from behind can potentially save many lives.  But all it takes is a split-second for that shooter to turn around and fire a shot into a would be tackler.

A firearm allows a killer to be taken down from a safer distance and potentially from cover. Therefore, I think the comments regarding concealed carry to be without both merit or context.

Julian Mendez said he doesn’t think the tips provided in class would work if concealed handguns were allowed on campuses. “It seems like if that were to happen the whole planned procedure would not be as effective,” he said.


So they suggest you throw things, but don’t throw bullets. How does the whole planned procedure cease to be effective by the mere presence of a concealed carrier.  Wait, maybe their point was “if a concealed carrier is present, then there would likely be no need to yell, scream, throw things or die a victim…the killer might be taken down quickly instead.”

Though I sadly doubt that was the inflection in Mr. Mendez’ comment.


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