The need for National Reciprocity

To me there is really no bigger goal for the next few years than national reciprocity.

I’ve found myself unarmed far too often as of late. My new job entails me driving down to Baltimore. (The 2 hr+ daily commute has also made it challenging to keep up with blogging. I have a ton of backlogged posts. Sorry.)

Today I am visiting Cincinnati. While the great state of Ohio (which also happens to be birth state) ha reciprocity with many states. Pennsylvania is not one of them.

The issue lies in part with the fact Pennsylvania does not require a training course before receiving a carry permit. For which I am glad.

Having lived in Connecticut I can tell you that said requirement and lack of venues to meet it equates to a heavy barrier. And it can takes months to go through the entire ordeal of getting a permit. Granted I highly encourage personal training. But if you’ve got a restraining order on an angry ex who has vowed to kill you. The last thing you need is a several month wait from paperwork, tracking down a training course, etc, etc.

The big problem with reciprocity is the nuances that prevent it’s implementation. For example, some states are very open with reciprocity. You reciprocate your permits with us an we will with you. But Vermont doesn’t have permits. Therefore they cannot reciprocate.

Now I am not, in no way, asking for a national carry permit standard. Because such an implementation would result in a convoluted requirement system akin to Massachusetts and then no one would get permits. We would have shot ourselves in the foot.

But there are a lot of pro-gun, pro-reciprocity states out there. In which reciprocity gets hung up on minor issues.

What I’d like to see is a “reciprocity stamp”. For the Attorney Generals of all these states to get together and say. “Hey. We want to keep our internal state permit system easy, or out pet requirement on the books. While simplifying reciprocity.”

Create a reciprocity stamp. It would outline a list of basic requirements (ie: training course, background check, finger prints – whatever the AGs determine.) Then if you meet these requirements you can get your permit with the extra stamp.

Yes the stamp might require extra work in some states. But we have differing levels of licenses. My driver’s license does not allow me to drive motorcycles or CDL vehicles. Think of this as your CDL version of carry permit. GAW version – Go Any Where. Or thinking of it as getting your turkey or salmon stamp on your hunting / fishing license.

Lastly, this would NOT prevent states from having reciprocity outside of these requirements. Vermont could still have Constitutional carry. But they could offer the reciprocal permit for those who wanted to carry outside Vermont.

I know there are concerns that this could be abused. Very true. But On the other hand, we are already being abused by our limit to carry in other states who do offer such permits. And we’re forced to buy Florida and other non-resident permits to try to create a patchwork of reciprocity. And one single mistake could land you in court with your Constitutional rights in jeopardy.

I think the risk of establishing a reciprocity standard is worth the benefits. I’d sure like the ability to protect myself out-of-state. Especially in states that a) have permits b) reciprocate with dozens of other states.

Having a standard (R) stamp that allowed you to reciprocate with a large pool of states would be beneficial. It’d also become leverage for citizens of states that don’t reciprocate to pressure their state when most others do.

Just some food for thought.

UPDATE: Apparently the shooter was recently released from prison after serving a whopping 9 months of his 10 year sentence for prior armed robbery.,0,4198233.story

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