Have we forgotten? Are we even ashamed?

It’s been 10 years since that day. I remember where I was when I first found out. I’d just pulled into our work’s parking lot.

I remember when my friend joked that the tower had fallen. I exclaimed “That’s not even funny!”. Then had my stomach go in a not when I realized he wasn’t joking.

I don’t think any of us really expected that. 10 years later it’s an odd reflection.

One, I don’t feel we’ve forgotten. But I also don’t feel like we’ve healed. It’s 10 years and there is still a scab at ground zero. Worse. Even when there eventually isn’t. The resulting structure is one that nearly unanimously Americans felt in no way represented the lost Towers. I’d have preferred the two beams of light perpetually to a thin spire that has no remembrance to the WTC.

Other thoughts. I do not believe a 9-11 style attack could happen again. Americans will never let planes be used as bombs in that fashion – never again. But our whole defense is a horse and pony show that violates American’s rights on a daily basis. We watch our children cower in terror. Not from islamic terrorists but from people in U.S. TSA uniforms. The enormous measure of damage to U.S. citizen’s rights is huge, and growing.

I feel we’ve lost. Had we rebuilt those towers. And kept our freedom. Than we would have been the victors. Ten years later I must conclude we have lost. And not because of any failing of the brave men & women risking their lives overseas. But for our damnably incompetent & self-focused government.

Had it been up to me. I’d have moved this country off of the reliance middle-eastern oil. Brought our troops home. Stayed to our own business. And if anything happened at that point. Adopt an “end the problem” philosophy.

My wife asked me a peculiar question the other day. What are we affected by 9-11. Was it because we were in denial about being at risk for attack? Is it just the fact that NYC skyline now looks so bland? To her, it’s the patriot act an all the other freedom destroying actions that she feels has most affected her.

Me, I’m not sure. But I have never had less confidence in our government than I do today. We focus so much energy abusing our citizens on minimal risks when it’d would be so easy to sail a small boat into the harbors of Miami, Baltimore, NYC from West Africa and detonate a dirty nuke. And I am seriously doubtful that our government is capable of preventing a determined and competent attack.

So is it sad that 10 years later I find myself admitting defeat? Osama. You’re dead. But you won. America isn’t the place it used to be. We’re not as free. You changed U.S.


But you did remind us of how brae and great we are. That ordinary Americans will rise up to extraordinary brave levels when faced with evil.

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