Mandatory Vaccines – Thoughts & Experiences.

Recently a discussion of the election debates occurred over at Snowflakes. And an issue was raised with Bachman’s attack of Perry regarding mandatory HPV vaccination.

This may seem like a non-issue to most constituents. But to a lot of parents it is not. It causes a lot more headaches than you might imagine.  If you don’t have children, you probably don’t understand the issue.

We recently planned on enrolling our children into a pre-school. My wife had our kids all ready with there lunchboxes. They were unable to attend. The reason being an issue with vaccinations.

Now it’s not that my wife and I are against vaccines. Our kids have most of them. However, we did not want to get the Hep B. (Think of it like getting a gonorrhea vaccine for a 2 year old.)

We understand the need for vaccines for infectious diseases in social settings like schools (smallpox, measles, etc).  These are diseases that are rapidly spread from child to child. Hep B does not. It is NOT a highly contagious infectious airborne disease. It’s basically transferred in a similar fashion as HIV – via bodily fluids.  There are very few cases of Hep B infection under age 14.   And of those, nearly all fall into one of two categories. Infants born to infected mothers who are infected at birth. And those closer to age 14 who have become sexually active or used drugs.

The risk to 2-10 year olds is almost non-existent. That said, there have been some concerns regarding this vaccine.  Essentially, parents are being mandated to give their children a (potentially risky) vaccine for which they have little to no risk.  Furthermore, while there have been studies that have shown vaccines safe. These do not take into account manufacturing defects. I worked for a company that was one of the leading manufacturers of chemical testing standards. We ran through a battery of quality control tests.  Every now and then a batch would make it out that had failed. I believe that most of the problems that have occurred in relation to vaccines have one of two causes:

a) given an undeveloped immune system 4-6 nasty viruses to deal with at a single inoculation

b) bad manufacturing lots, and when you’re making millions, it’s basically a given some will be subpar

However, thanks to Pennsylvania’s mandatory vaccination laws which now includes mandates for non-infectious diseases. Our children have been unable to attend pre-school. Mind you, this is a private religious school. But PA pretty much mandates this policy for all schools.

And this is WRONG!!!

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