Snowflakesinhell – Thoughts on the recent name change

No more snow flakes in hell….

If you’re not aware as of yet, Snowflakes has underwent a rather fantastical chrysalis.  Check it out…

So what do I think of the new site?  Was it the right thing to do? The right direction?

I consider Sebastian and Bitter to be both friends and compatriots in the defense of our rights. And quite possibly one of the best balanced gun blog sites on the web.  But I will admit that as much as I liked the snow flake theme, other than the understanding that it would be a cold day in hell the theme did not convey the movement they were apart of.

The new site is beautiful, and much more poignant to the topic at hand. The theme “Shall not be questioned” is just as it should be.  So overall I am really digging the change and think it was for the better.  And from what I’ve seen so far, the transition has gone pretty smoothly. I think in the long run it will have been for the best.

All that said, it is my personal opinion that they’ve made one mistake which I think they should reconsider. And that is the new URL name of their blog. – I do not think this was the best choice for the following reasons.

1. Who can remember it? As seemingly simple as it seems, I find it falls into a trap of over-simple. My brain remembers it’s PA and gun but was it gunblogPA, PAgunblog, or   There is a tendency for URLs that simply use the terms they are about to kind of get lost in the mind.  I think this URL name kind of falls into that problem. The name is more a set of topic tags than a name to me.

2. What if the blog relocates to another region? What if one of the members of got a job in D.C. or Fairfax?  What then…geo-locating a blog/site to a specific region is great if your a business that merely services that region. “” But when you cover a national or even worldwide topic, I think it best not to limit one’s self.

If it were up to me, I would have gone with their theme. “”  Yes, it is longer to type. But who types web domains anyways. I usually type “sno-” and auto-complete. “sl-” and slashdot is up.  I know, there are some who manually type out every domain. But most of us do not.

Thankfully, I was glad to see that Sebastian has chosen to register and mirror it to the domain. It is my personal opinion that such would be the better of the two name choices in the long run.  Regardless, I think this has been an extremely elegant update to one of my favorite blogs.

Best of luck to Sebastian and Bitter as they enter SIH 2.0

For further insight into why they changed the name you can go here 

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