“Normal everyday people can be good shooters and can have a lot of fun doing it.

Just finished watching the season finale of Top Shot: Season 3.  And let me say that the final competitors this season were excellent, professional and a tribute to the sport.

I was overjoyed to see the winner bring it home. I had been rooting for them since the start of the season, but this was the first time that the person I had initially been rooting for won the season.  Let me commend the season 3 winner for having been upstanding, and a superb example of the caliber of both the shooter and the character of a shooter.

The fact that the winner does such noble activities off the range. Makes me over-joyed to see him win the $100,000.

And I love this quote “Normal everyday people can be good shooters and can have a lot of fun doing it.” from the winner.  It is so true. And he just proved it.

Other thoughts:

– Love that they used a canon. It was the one challenge I’ve suggested for a while. – Sad not everyone represented themselves well.
– Glad that Dustin did so well throughout the season, showing that youth is never a reason to underestimate a opponent.
– I’d still like to see a female competitor go a bit farther.
– I’d like to see the next season start with a team on team paintball challenge using a tactical course.
– Glad that the episodes finally showed up on Hulu. I do hope next season will be a bit quicker.
– Would like to see more advertisers support the show. I’d like to see a few runner up prizes ($10,000 2nd place, $5,000 3rd place).  Would love to see a loser prize too. Even if it’s just $250 gift card to Brownells.

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