Thoughts on the InterNewt

This morning I read how a liberal progressive organization had purchased and registered

This is typical of an era of politics that doesn’t grasp the effect of the internet and social media.

Seriously, how do you fail to register one of the top domains for your campaign.

Now I’m not saying you have to register every domain. But the top ones that people are going to manually type in are and, followed by their respective .org

I understand, the high cost of domain registration precludes the registering of tons of domains. Er, wait….$35? (And you can buy cheaper in bulk.) Seriously, you can’t afford a $150 to secure the most common variants of your domain. 

This shows a clear failing on Newt’s part to understand our modern society. Now granted, I actually don’t expect a President to know it all. That’s ridiculous. Nor do I find dumb questions asking about every little detail of global politics an effective test of presidential leadership. Seriously, if an incident occurs a staff member will be there with a detailed briefing within minutes.

But I do expect a president to be skilled in picking the right people. That is the primary skill of the president. Picking the right men for the job. Clearly, Newt Gingrich did not pick the right man for his internet campaign.  I’m not a super programmer or web guru.  But with over 10 years of web development experience, I consider this mistake to be on the level of a noob.  This would be acceptable in a local town/district election. But for a national election on a multi-million dollar scale; it’s a ridiculous fumble.
And one that the liberal/progressive blog ThinkProgress took advantage of.

That said, I have a tough time calling Think Progress a blog. They list numerous awards and accolations for their blog. But when you’ve got 14 staff members, are you really a blog (independent reporter).

And just how does a blog pay for all those staff. I’ll give them the benefit of the dobut that they’re all volunteers.

CORRECTION: Apparently, Think Progress is not necessarily the registerer of, it appears that it randomly sends users to a list of sites including:

Freddie Mac
Think Progress

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