Why we have the 2nd Amendment

To protect the 1st Amendment

$2.5 million judgment against blogger Crystal Cox.


The Judge stated….

“there is no evidence of any education in journalism, any credentials or proof of any affiliation with any recognized news entity or proof of adherence to journalistic standards such as editing, fact-checking or disclosures of conflicts of interest.”

That’s right folks, you now need a “press pass” for your 1st Amendment right. Now, some will point out that this is about a law that protects sources for media. But I am of the firm opinion, that such protections need to apply to all media. The foundations of our press were pamphlateers who had far more in common with bloggers than the giant media corps of today.

Now, I’m not saying whether Cox was correct in her actions, words, etc. I am just saying that there should be equal protection. And protection should not stem from the mere fact of being a part of a mega corporation.

Apparently, the battle is not over.

“She represented herself in the defamation suit, but now has legal help from UCLA Law School and blogger Eugene Volokh….Volokh has written about the First Amendment’s protection of the press, arguing it’s not solely intended for the media as an institution, but anyone doing the work of journalism”

I think the real issue to the blogger community is not whether Cox was innocent or guilty. She might very well be guilty of libel.  Rather, our issue is the basis of judment being that the judge decided a blogger does not qualify for protection of the press. (This is essentially, the same ol’ “militia” argument repeatedly made against the 2nd Amendment. Just applied to the 1st.)

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