Christmas = “We’re winning!”

Xbox Kinect’s are definitely a big hot item for this Christmas season. But firearms sales are making it clear, we are winning.  One of the few benefits of the background check process for our cause is that it provides a records of sales numbers.  While a few background checks will return as a fail; overall the number of checks closely corresponds to sales of firearms.

Brady Campaign must be rather shaken up by the fact that just shy of a 130,000 background checks occurred this Christmas season.

Oh wait…my bad. That wasn’t Christmas season, that was just on Black Friday. In fact many, many more sales occurred this season. Just for example, two days before Christmas the NICS background check system processed over 100,000 checks.

To put this in perspective. Last year’s top day was also Black Friday at 98,000. That is nearly a 30% increase in sales over the prior year. (Realize, if we could do that to the entire economy, we’d be in a procession instead of a recession.)

The FBI reports that November 2011 was the top record month with over 1.5 million inquiries.  That month record has already been exceeded in December, and the month isn’t even over yet. (How many people are headed to Cabela’s & Bass Pro with their gift cards to get their new rifles?)

So why & where is this increase increase in firearms coming from? It is my belief that it is led all by a single demographic.  The “female”…

You see, women are starting to accept and embrace firearms. In fact, I am in the process of planning one or more range days in order to take a number of the women at my work out shooting. It’s not the guys who are interested in going, it’s the women.

I heard commentary to the fact that women are staying single longer. They’re living on their own. And there is a realization that they need to be able to protect themselves. This  has, in part, led to a growing interest.  Furthermore, the “firearm” is becoming less and less viewed as a “man-toy”; becoming embraced and approved by women creates a huge shift in dynamic.

No, not all the gun sales are by and to women. But that added approval on the part of women leads to more gun sales even for men.  Suddenly, the wife says “We need a gun.”  It might be the husband who buys it, but her approval has made it happen.

All that said, we still have a battle to fight. The recent announcement by Microsoft to ban virtual weapons for their avatars makes it clear that we need to continue teaching about firearms and increasing societal acceptance.



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