PA Castle Doctrine First Test: Takes a Bow

A drunk club wielding man travelled to a rival’s home and began to enter after repeatedly being told to leave. The resident retrieved an archery bow and shot the man as he was climbing the porch – killing him.
H/T to the blog formerly known as SnowflakesinHell (PAGunBlog).

Remember the 2nd Amendment is about arms and not just guns. That means we need to fight for our right to protect ourselves using firearms, knives, swords, laser guns and light sabers. And while the last two may be tongue-in-cheek. The former are not. And as technology progresses, we may find that firearms become as passe as bow and arrows (which apparently are still lethal).  What happens in 2080 when police start carrying Tazed Repeaters which fire up to a 150 shots of jolting plasma, and 50 rounds of lethal blasts. 

 Do we citizens simply become ineligible to possess such arms because they did not exist at our nation’s founding? No.  But we have to be careful in our defending of the 2nd Amendment, or we may find that we’ve preserved the right to a mere era of arms and not all personal arms.  Already swords & knives are more restricted in many places than firearms.  In Pennsylvania I can get a license to carry a firearm.  I cannot get a license to carry my sword. 

Check for an organization that’s trying to ensure our more primitive weapons aren’t excluding from our use.


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