State of the Bill of Rights

Today a conversation led me to consider the state of our Constitutional Bill of Rights. While the following exhibits much hyperbole for humor’s sake. It’s frightening in the fact in one fashion or another. Here were some rambling thoughts:

First Amendment – Not allowed on public property. Invalidated if you don’t have a press pass.

Second Amendment – Just you try it….especially out of your home state. Partly cloudy. The good news, this is a right currently in recovery. And we’re making good progress toward restoration.

Third Amendment – Woot. Something is still protected for now. At least I don’t have to worry about National Guardsmen sleeping in my daughter’s bed. (Well not for another 15 years or so.)

Fourth Amendment – GPS tracking, infrared monitoring, phone tapping, yeah…this one’s pretty much dead.

Fifth Amendment – Let’s just label him a terrorist (or Ron Paul supporter). And waive his right to a trial.

Sixth Amendment – Let’s see…speedy trial (took me 9 months to get mine for a traffic violation – I won too). Trial by jury, hmm….Wells Fargo just sent me a new arbitration agreement in which I’ve apparently waived that right. This one’s in the gray.

Seventh Amendment – Jury, well… if you’re not getting your due process in 5 & 6….than likely no jury for you.

Eight Amendment – Cruel and unusual punishment, does 2 years of presidential election campaigning count?

Ninth Amendment – Wait was that right specified in the constitution, than no you don’t have it. “What, little girl? You want to sell lemonade! What…no way…not unless you have a $500 license and pay a $50/day vendor fee. Stop crying or I’ll throw your little *bleep* in the slammer.”

Tenth Amendment – What’s not been delegated has been absorbed into the commerce clause. Essentially making anything the Federal government wants; under it’s control.

Let’s not even go into the Congress’ right and responsibility to declare war. That was by-passed with the War Powers Act. Mind you, we haven’t had a War in decades. But we’ve had dozens of wars (if you define a war as an event that utilizes guns and bombs and kills people).

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  1. Good piece.

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